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VK Design (VKD)

Welcome to VK Design (VKD) Store! Here we showcase VKD products that bring joy and happiness to people with simple and aesthetic design. We infuse art and positive feelings into our design and products. May that crafts be t-shirts, caps, mugs, stickers, keychains, magnets and so forth. By emphasis on positive vibe and use the most powerful energy in the world LOVE to bring people together in the most harmony way. Light brings hope and laughter heal. Our mission is to bring light into this world, one joyful package at a time. Add some colors and styles to your life. Be the magic and light in the darkest night.

Design your life, write your story, enjoy your ride, live your dream. Love your life!

Our design powerhouse is located in Toronto, Canada. VK Design is born out of the vision to make some positive impact to others people life through our design. May us be the torch light, V-shape rebound (Vbound) or simply Very big smiling face. We hope we can show others to be resilient (Vsilient) and joyful in this overwhelming time. Read more about #v3yourlife here. Be sure to check us out at THEVKD.COM or follow us on our social media (links below) for the latest updates. Until next time. Stay positive!

Love your life! (v3yourlife)
Vince K. - Founder of VKD

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