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What is v3yourlife? We(v) free(3) your life? We wish we can, but the only one who can is YOU. Even one of our mantras is "Design your life, write your story, enjoy your ride, live your dream. (<3) Love your life!", the reality is, life doesn’t always go as planned. Don’t you think rollercoaster would still be as exciting if it is always a smooth ride? It is the ups and downs which make life fascinating. V3 your life is like a sequel of the <3 your life statement. When life is tough, we may lose sight of our love of life. That is where the V3 comes in, we need to be “V”-ilient (resilient), “V”-lentless (relentless), if done right, “V”-bound (rebound) is destined to happen. As a Wiseman said, “Obstacle is just an opportunity for you to grow”. Love life with your whole heart and embrace those hurdles along the way. In time, you will become a better you and living the life of your wildest dream. Be the HERO in your life story!

Share with us your magnificent story with the IG hashtag #v3yourlife or follow us on FB (@thevkdesign) or IG (@thevkdesign) for a chance to win some VKD swags. See you out there, hero-to-be!

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P.S. Tell you a little secret if you read this far, our site can also be access with v3yourlife.com. Now go get yourself or love one something that excite you and go outside to conquer the world... the REAL world!

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